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Tender-Hearted Care


Our mission is to promote the well-being of our service users and empowering them to take responsibility of their own care through supported self-management. To provide our clients with competent healthcare workers and related service solutions. Our staff will be offered a workplace where they can prosper and grow in a dignified, fun and rewarding manner. 

Our Goal, Vision, Values & Commitment

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Established in 2017, Tender-Hearted Care is a growing professional agency that offers a person-centred care service to all our clients. We understand that it can be difficult to accept additional help in your home environment, but with our trained carers, we are able to offer this service, giving you and your families peace of mind, whilst you are able to remain in your own home. If you are interested in the services we offer, please give us a call on  (01202) 862690 or fill in the contact form via the get in touch button.


Home Nurse Making Bed


adult care


Woman & Doctor

Our home care service focuses on the clients' needs and wants. Workers are trained to work alongside their health professionals and families.

We have dedicated carers who can visit your loved ones at a time that is convenient for them.

Personalised healthcare services at your disposal please call to find out more.

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